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12 reasons car leasing is better than buying

Why is leasing a great alternative to buying your car? Good question. Over 1.6 million people in the UK lease their car and we count them among some of the savviest people. These 12 reasons why car leasing is better than buying explains why…


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1. Just Drive your dream car

Leasing is the most affordable way to get a brand new car. Choose the make and model you want and Just Drive will deliver it directly to your door. That’s pretty much all there is to it.


2. More car for your money

Not only that, but Just Drive can source any car. And leasing lets you drive a car that’s otherwise out of your price range – if you fancy rolling around in the likes of a Rolls Royce, leasing can make that dream a reality, proving it’s within your budget.


3. Lower upfront costs

Your deposit is way smaller than what you’d pay when buying a car. Also, the upfront costs and admin fees are lower too.


4. Lower fixed monthly payments

Typically, your monthly payments on a car lease are considerably lower than a normal car purchase – usually between 30% – 60%.


5. Fewer maintenance worries

Since you’re not the owner of the car, general maintenance costs are usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period. Also, Just Drive provides maintenance and service plans, which are added to your monthly payment in order to keep your admin tidy.


6. New car T. L. C

It’s easy to love and maintain a lease car because it’s shiny and new. A one-off SMART Care payment could keep your car feeling newer for longer and help protect your contract in the event of a small bump or dent.


7. Peace of mind

What happens if you have a bigger accident? You’ll want to consider GAP insurance to cover the cost of your outstanding contract if the car gets written off. It’ll release from your obligation and free you up to get another car.


8. Latest tech and mod-cons

Technology is constantly changing, evolving and generally getting better – leasing your car lets you change and upgrade the vehicle to the latest model as soon as your contract is over.


9. Safety as standard

Speaking of upgrades… by leasing your car and changing more frequently, you benefit from the very latest specifications. Your new car will always have the most up-to-date standard safety features.


10. Added extras

Some leasing packages include free tax for a year, a tank of petrol or your first year’s insurance to sweeten the deal.


11. No need to worry about selling at the end

Not everyone’s a natural salesperson and the thought of bargaining a good sale price or sorting the admin when you want to get rid of your car can be incredibly daunting. When you lease there’s no fuss. You just hand it back.


12. Forget high depreciation

Cars are so expensive and buying a new one can lose value the minute you drive it away. When you lease a car, you won’t be out of pocket because of high depreciation.


Roundup: why is leasing the best?

Unlike PCP, your payments are lower – you are simply just paying the depreciation on the car, interest and VAT. So while you’ll never own the car you’re paying for, it makes sense to lease it if you want that brand new car without having the capital to buy it.


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