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Just Drive’s new look and new website

Just Drive: The car leasing company you’ve been waiting for.   You might remember us as Whitewater Contract Hire and Leasing – a name thousands...
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Get £50 when you refer your BFF to Just Drive

Who’s the Button to your Hamilton? Or the Ant to your Dec? Recommend a friend and we’ll give you a £50 Amazon voucher to say...
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How does lease car financing work?

How does lease car financing work? If you’re new to car leasing, the process of how it all works can be confusing (pssst… in which...
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How does part exchange work for car leasing?

You may already know that you can part exchange when you buy a new vehicle, but did you know that this works for leasing too?...
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7 reasons you need the brand new BMW 6 Series

    We raced over to Broome Park Hotel to give the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Diesel Hatchback a test-drive. Getting to show it...
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2019’s funniest 69 plates

What does a number plate mean and why do we need number plates? It’s nearly September and the new 69 plates will be rolling out...
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Technology in cars: What can you now do in modern vehicles?

News that you could soon stream Netflix and YouTube from your Tesla screen is proof of how far car technology has come. And this is...
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The UK’s best-selling cars of all time

The Ford Fiesta is the UK's favourite car for 2019. But has that always been the case? Which are the UK's most popular cars and...
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Is this the year to go electric?

Think you’ve made your mind up about electric vehicles? Think again.  Electric cars are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for UK drivers. Although it’s...
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The best cars for Summer driving

Picture this… the sun is just coming up over the horizon, your boot is packed up with your swim suits and cool bags. You’ve donned...
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