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Is this the year to go electric?

Think you’ve made your mind up about electric vehicles? Think again. 

Electric cars are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for UK drivers. Although it’s still early days, the number of drivers opting for electric has doubled in recent years. The commitment by leading car manufacturers to stop producing non-electric models has only bolstered demand. In an attempt to future-proof their driving – whilst also saving the planet – drivers worldwide are embracing electric vehicles. 

Or are they? 

A recent survey by JD Power indicated that perhaps we’re not as fully on board with EVs as we should be. Most surveyed consumers admitted to having a neutral level of confidence in the future of electric vehicles, with two-thirds admitting they’d never even been in an electric car.

In short, there are a lot of unknowns about electric vehicles – however, this doesn’t seem to be affecting sales of the Tesla Model 3 Saloon, which was bought by almost 40,000 consumers in June alone. 

So, why are so-called electric sceptics rushing to buy this stylish EV? Well, it’s largely the esteem that comes from driving a Tesla for much less than you might think. Just Drive are currently offering this model from just £358 per month – yup, you read that right. This offer is the best you’ll find on the market, and judging by current Tesla Model 3 sales, it won’t hang around for long. If you’d like to learn more, speak to our team or follow the link below:

Find out more about the Tesla Model 3 Saloon from £358 per month

And the low leasing cost is only the beginning of the savings that you’ll make. Of course, as a fully electric car, you’ll save considerable sums on fuel – as much as £41,000 over your lifetime, according to recent reports


What are the other benefits with electric cars? 

Zero emissions: Obviously, the biggest draw for electric vehicles is the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing that your vehicle is releasing no emissions into the atmosphere. 

Low running costs: It’s estimated that the cost of charging your EV is around £1.50 a day – a fraction of what you’ll pay filling up its Diesel or Petrol equivalent. 

Free road tax: The savings just keep on coming… If you drive an electric vehicle, you’ll be exempt from paying UK road tax.  

Quick acceleration: Owing to the instant torque delivery of an electric motor, most electric cars offer lightening-speed acceleration. The Tesla Model 3 can go from 0-60 in under 3 seconds. 

Total comfort: Not only are EVs renowned for their quiet running sound, the comfort on offer in the cabin of an electric vehicle is among the best you’ll find. 

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Are there problems with electric cars?

Okay, so there are drawbacks to going fully electric. You may be concerned about how often you’ll need to charge your vehicle or indeed, finding a place to charge it if you don’t have off-road parking. It’s fair to say that currently the UK doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to support everyone driving an EV – although progress is being made every day.

It’s also true that the cost of buying an electric car is currently higher than purchasing a Diesel or Petrol vehicle (although this is set to level out as early as 2024) – which is why leasing an electric car could be your best bet. 

To find out how much leasing an electric car can save you or to see the range of electric vehicles we offer, get in touch with a member of our team.