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Just Drive’s new look and new website

Just Drive: The car leasing company you’ve been waiting for.


You might remember us as Whitewater Contract Hire and Leasing – a name thousands of UK drivers have trusted for well over 15 years. Well, 3 years ago we decided that it was time for a change. We needed a new look, a new website and an exciting new offering – one that’s designed to suit the evolving needs of drivers – welcome to Just Drive.


And while our team has remained the same, just about everything else has changed to suit the increasing number of individuals who need something like Just Drive in their life.


So, what can you expect from our new and improved brand? Quite a lot actually. We’ve been working hard, speaking to customers – past and present – to find out what you look for in a car leasing company, like the promise to source any vehicle you’re after. Whatever you look for in life, we’re here with the right car to help you get there.


Just Drive your new car today


What else can you expect from Just Drive?


Don’t buy it… Just Drive it

Just Drive accommodates the growing needs of UK drivers who want to have that brand new car, exactly when they want it. If you think you can only afford a 10-year old Vauxhall Vectra with 80,000 miles on the clock, think again. You’ll have your pick of vehicle, for a low monthly price. Find out more about the benefits of Just Drive car leasing.


What’s more, with Just Drive, you’ll never be tied down to one vehicle for too long. Our lease contracts run from a minimum of 24 months – so, if you’re the kind of person who likes to change your car as often as your hairstyle, you’ll be well-served by us.


You’ll save money in the long-run

It’s no secret that vehicles are a depreciating asset. When you buy a new car, its value can drop by as much as 50% after three years. So, if you’re never going to make your money back when you come to sell your vehicle, what’s the point of owning it in the first place?


With Just Drive, you’ll have lower monthly payments and the peace of mind that it’s very unlikely that anything will go wrong with it since it’s a new car. The same can’t be said of buying a second-hand vehicle – come the next MOT, you may be liable for thousands to fix a failed gearbox or engine. Believe us, owning isn’t such an economical choice.


We’ll handle the finer details

Cars are a hassle. Yes, even new cars. Things still go wrong – from needing to change the oil, to the bumps and scrapes you’ll inevitably get along the way.


But we’ve already thought of that. Lease your car through Just Drive and you’ll be offered SMART Care cover – an extra safeguard to ensure those silly jobs are fixed without any need to involve the insurance company or affect your no claims discount. Also, we offer GAP insurance in case of those bigger accidents, which gives you more peace of mind when you drive your new car.


Just Drive source any car

You’ll find hundreds of cars on our website. From Fiat to Hyundai, we have one of the largest selections of leasing vehicles in the South East. But, if you have your heart set on something that’s not here, we’ll go that extra mile (or 1000 miles, if needed) to source it for you. What’s more, we’ll deliver it straight to your door.


For more information about Just Drive or to find out what we offer, get in touch.


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