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Technology in cars: What can you now do in modern vehicles?

News that you could soon stream Netflix and YouTube from your Tesla screen is proof of how far car technology has come. And this is only the beginning. Here we look at the biggest strides car manufacturers have made in-vehicle technology in recent years. With our help, you’ll know just what to look for when you shop for your new vehicle.


Netflix and YouTube streaming in Tesla

Elon Musk recently tweeted that soon, Netflix and YouTube streaming would be an added feature for Tesla screens. Your car must have reached a complete stop and you must be in a WiFi hotspot for the technology to work (so no binge-watching old Friends episodes on the move, please).

In a tweet, the Tesla founder maintained that his electric cars “have an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround sound audio” making entertainment streaming the next obvious step for the model’s in-car technology.


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Controlling your vehicle via an App in BMW and others

These days, we’re never without our Smartphones so it was only a matter of time before car manufacturers caught up. BMW, Tesla and others have each embraced App-technology in their own unique way. Vehicle owners can now scan the area around their parked car, flash its headlights, honk its horn or even start the vehicle, all from the convenience of their phones. 

If you’re particularly jittery about the security of your car, or prone to forgetting your car keys, this technology isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential – and we expect to see a lot more of this in the future.

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Steering avoidance in VolvoLexus and others

We’re not quite there yet with self-driving cars, but that doesn’t stop car manufacturers from utilising some of the technology in its vehicles.

Steering avoidance systems allow cars to keep centred on the road and will automatically swerve to avoid objects. This technological advance isn’t just cool, it’s potentially lifesaving – for you and any pedestrians who veer too close to your vehicle.

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Road Scanning in Mercedes-Benz

If you’ve ever driven over a pothole (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) you’ll wish your car came with Road Scanning as standard. Currently the reserve of high-end Mercedes-Benz models, Road Scanning devices scan the road ahead and adjust the suspension in your vehicle accordingly.

With the state of our UK roads, we wouldn’t be surprised if this technology didn’t make it to other models before long. At best, driving over potholes and other uneven surfaces can give you a jolt, at worse it can seriously damage your car or cause an accident.

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More car technology innovations to look out for:

  •     Mercedes-Benz: Touch-sensitive steering wheel to control the infotainment system.
  •     Range Rover: Gesture-control sunblind as well as massage seats in the front and rear.
  •     Volvo: With Pilot Assist and Park Assist Pilot in the newer Volvo XC60 models, your SUV can now practically drive and park itself.
  •     Kia: The new Kia Ceed has Lane Following Assist, which tracks the car in front to help combat driver fatigue.


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