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What is car leasing?

The latest model of your favourite car is coming out soon and you really want to get your hands on one and be the envy of everyone you know. The only thing that’s standing in your way? The hefty price tag that comes with it. So what’s the alternative?


You could get a bank loan or approach the dealership about their own finance options. But both options can be incredibly expensive. Contract cars and finance doesn’t need to be confusing and car leasing might be the best option for getting that brand new car…


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How does car leasing work in the UK?

Personal car leasing is essentially renting a car. Much like you would your home, you pay a deposit, agree on a term and pay rent for the duration of it. You won’t ever actually own the car and will give it back at the end, paying for any damage and additional mileage you may have racked up. But…


The benefits of leasing a car:

  • Car leasing is the cheapest way to drive a brand new car that you might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • You can change your car to a newer one when your contract is complete, which is especially great for shorter contracts.
  • Some Just Drive plans include your car’s services, MOTs and road tax.

If you’ve decided that car leasing is the best option for you…


What do you need to lease a car?

Car leasing is simple. In fact – there are seven easy steps to personal car leasing, which are:


1. Choose your car

Just Drive can source the make or model. You just have to choose the car you want and the accessories or factory options you want.


2. Agree your mileage

We advise being generous on your estimated mileage, otherwise, you’ll incur additional charges at the end of your contract.


3. Pay your deposit

Typically, expect to pay a deposit up to 3 – 6 month’s worth of your contract’s payments. This deposit is typically cheaper than the likes of PCP.


4. Make monthly payments

When it comes to the contract, you decide how long you want the car for and agree to make monthly payments over the course of the term. Contracts are typically between 2 – 4 years and you’ll need to pass a credit check too.


5. Delivery

The day comes when your shiny new car gets delivered by Just Drive.


6. Just Drive it…

Yep, that’s all there is to it. Depending on your package, we’ll take care of your MOTs and services. You just have to insure it and put fuel in it.


7. Hand the car back at the end

The contract ends and it’s time to give your car back. It’s been a good ride, you’ve settled any damage or penalties and are ready to choose your next brand new car.


Personal car leasing in a nutshell

Car leasing is a great option for driving a brand new (luxury) car without ever having to own it. Deposits and monthly payments tend to be cheaper than buying the same car. You choose exactly the make and model you want, complete a credit check and arrange the finance based on the time and mileage. You must keep up with your agreed payments over the length of your contract and then you give the car back at the end.


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