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Established in 1949 by renowned racing driver Karl Abarth and his partner Guido Scagliarini, Abarth are a renowned car brand that you can count on. Story has it that Karl Abarth had been perfecting his craft since he was eleven years old, when the would-be car manufacturer customised the wooden wheels of his scooter with a leather belt to maximise his speed, beating the older boys in his neighbourhood.   True or not, it’s clear that performance, speed and agility is ingrained in the Abarth ethos, making an Abarth contract hire a smart choice for any driver. Their vehicles are recognised worldwide for providing optimum driving pleasure and sporty appeal. These are cars which are stylish as well as being fun to drive – in short, they’re perfect for your daily commute or that relaxing weekend spin. With Just Drive, an A barth car lease is easy to arrange – and with some of the UK’s most competitive Abarth car leasing deals to boot, it won’t cost the earth either.
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