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Do I need SMART Care cover?

Picking up the keys to your new car and driving it off for the first time is one of the best feelings in the world – a feeling you want to prolong for as long as possible. Then, the worst thing happens… You suffer a little bump or scrape in your brand new car and need to take it to a body shop or contact your insurance provider to arrange repairs.

Both of which are fine, but they’re inconvenient, expensive and slow, and the new car bubble has been well-and-truly burst. In comes SMART Care. The security that you and your car need to keep it feeling new for longer.

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What does SMART Care cover do?

Keeping that ‘new car’ smell, immaculate paintwork and pristine alloys become the most important things when you drive it away. While SMART Care can’t prolong the amazing smell, it is the Small and Medium Area Repair Technique that you need in your new car-loving life. Using the latest paint technology, alloy wheel refurbishment and paintless dent removal processes SMART Care cover gives you the assurance that your car is looked after and that you can get silly jobs fixed, without compromising your insurance and no claims bonus.


What does SMART Care cover?

SMART Care provides professional repairs to your car’s bodywork, such as:

• Damage caused by stone chips up to 5mm in diameter and up to 3 mm deep.
• Scratches up to 300mm long, 3mm deep and sit within two body panels.
• Minor dents up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm deep.
• Bumper scuffs up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm deep.
• Cosmetic repairs to kerbed, dented and scratches alloy wheels.
• Cosmetic fixes to leather and velour upholstery, dashboard, consoles and trim



Who is covered?

We cover the vehicle, not the driver. So everyone is covered with SMART Care.


How do I make a claim?

You can easily claim through our simple process:

1. Call our support team on 0114 321 9883 within 30 days of the damage.
2. Have your registration number handy.
3. And follow the instructions to proceed with the claim.


Is there a policy excess?

Yes. It’s £10 for every claim.


What about my no claims bonus on my insurance?

Don’t worry, claiming through SMART Care does not affect your motor insurance no-claims.


Are diamond cut alloy wheels covered?

They sure are. Some designs and finishes may need to be sent to a specialist
repairer, but we’ve got you and your alloys covered.


How many SMART claims can I make?

You can make up to 5 claims within your 1-year cover. So, for 2-year cover, you
can make 10 claims and with 3-year cover, you can make 15 claims.


How much is a typical repair?

Typical repairs cost:

Alloy wheel repair (per wheel) from £105.00
Paint scratch (per scratch) from £135.00
Dent removal (per dent) from £85.00
Bumper scuff (per scuff) from £145.00
Interior trim repair from £120.00


What isn’t covered?

We won’t cover any of the following:

• Damage sustained to the bodywork or alloy wheels prior to purchase policy start date.
• Damage which exceeds the maximum permitted area.
• Damage to glass, light units decals chrome effect or beading.
• Panels or bumpers which are perforated or cracked.
• Anything beyond the scope of a SMART repair.


Can I transfer my policy?

Yes. If you sell the car, your balance can be transferred to a new vehicle, where an admin fee may be applied.


Can I cancel my policy?

You can. Cancellations made in the first 14 days without a claim will receive a full refund. After 14 days, you’re entitled to a pro-rata refund providing you haven’t made a claim. An admin fee will apply.


Are my repairs guaranteed?

We guarantee your repairs for the lifetime of your ownership.


Are my panels covered?

Yes, some of your panels are covered. We cover stone chips, scuffed bumpers, minor dents, light scratches and alloy wheels. We however do not cover damage to the horizontal surface i.e. roof, bonnet and boot.

Repairs are subject to Terms & Conditions.


Once you’ve found your dream car, it makes sense to look after it with SMART Care cover. But have you thought about GAP Insurance as well? There are lots of ways to prolong the newness of your car and Just Drive can help get the best deal. Get in touch on 0333 2417777, request a call back using the button below or going to our contact us page.


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