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How does part exchange work for car leasing?

You may already know that you can part exchange when you buy a new vehicle, but did you know that this works for leasing too?

Many of our customers come to us with a new car in mind, looking for the best deal that we have (which will always be market-beating — that’s a promise).

But, if you already have a vehicle that  you’d be willing to part exchange, you could make your lease even cheaper. Here’s everything you need to know about how part exchange works for car leasing.

First, what does part exchange mean?

In a nutshell, part exchange allows you to secure a better price for your new vehicle simply by trading in your old one.

It’s generally used by dealerships as a way of making your new car more affordable. They’ll come up with a quote for your old vehicle, based on its current value and condition, and you’ll then be able to put that money towards an initial payment with the finance company.

Can you part exchange for a leased car?

You may be surprised to learn that you can.

If you own your current vehicle, you can easily part exchange it for a brand-spanking new car from Just Drive, and here’s how. We’ll check over your current vehicle and offer you a fair price for it. You can then put this towards your upfront costs and/or your reservation fee on your new car, you may even find you have a little left over for yourself!

To find out more about part exchanging your car for a leasing deal, speak to our team.