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2019’s funniest 69 plates

What does a number plate mean and why do we need number plates?

It’s nearly September and the new 69 plates will be rolling out soon. Read on to find out what a number plate means and why we have them, then keep an out for some of our favourite rude number plates that will be hitting UK roads.

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Why do we have number plates?

We’ve had number plates on cars in the UK since 1904. They were introduced to easily identify vehicles involved in accidents and track down lawbreakers.

The style of the new 69 plate has been on new cars since 2001 and must follow these guidelines:

  • DVLA number plates are rectangular and Mandatory – both legally and the name of the specific typeface that’s used.
  • The plate on the front is always white and the rear is yellow.
  • The law says you must display license plates, unless you’re the reigning monarch on official business.


What does a number plate mean?

Did you know that the numbers aren’t random? Well, most of them. Here’s an example of a DVLA number plate and what each section means.

Just Drive 69 number plate


Funny 69 plates

Now for the good stuff… rude number plates that, according to Wales Online, are approved and will be hitting the roads in September. Depending on the type of driver you are, these might be number plates you’d want:

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